Membership Types.

Candidate Membership

⦿ A candidate member of the society are individuals who have enrolled into any of the CGIA Institute programs (i.e. CGIA and CFP) and yet to complete all the CGIA exam.

Student Membership

⦿ Be a junior or senior undergraduate student pursuing a bachelor’s degree in business or finance, or related field, OR
⦿ Be a graduate student, enrolled full or part-time, pursuing an MBA or a master’s degree in a business-related major
⦿ Submit a completed Student Membership Application

Regular Membership

⦿ Must be a regular member of the CGIA Institute.
⦿ Must have completed all three levels of the CGIA program.
⦿ Must have 36 months of work experience in the finance and investment industry.
⦿ Agree to and fulfil all requirements as set out by CGIA Institute.

Affiliate Membership

⦿ One year of work experience in the finance and investment industry OR
⦿ Be a teacher or research fellow in the field of financial or economic analysis at a college or university OR
⦿ Be regularly employed for at least three years in a field closely allied to financial analysis OR
⦿ Enrolled in CGIA program with the intention of taking CGIA Level I exam